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Night School

$ 500.00 
5 weeks
Tuesday and Thursday
Starting in May
3:30pm - 6:00pm

Graphic Design 101: This course is designed for beginners, emphasizing fundamental skills like mouse navigation and software proficiency. It's an ideal starting point for those new to the field. Projects are tailored to be beginner-friendly, ensuring a smooth introduction.

The class includes:

Weeks 1-2: Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite

•     Week 1 (2 hours): Overview of Photoshop - basics, tools, and a simpleproject.

•     Week 2 (2 hours): In-depth dive into Illustrator and InDesign -understanding tools and hands-on projects.


Weeks 3-7: Graphic Design Basics

•     Week 3-4 (4 hours): Introduction to design principles, elements, andterminology.

•     Week 5-6 (4 hours): Hands-on projects to apply basic design concepts.

•     Week 7 (2 hours): Recap and practice using Adobe tools.


Weeks 8-12: Branding Essentials

•     Week 8-9 (4 hours): Logo design principles and practical logo creation.

•     Week 10-11 (4 hours): Understanding color theory and its application inbranding.

•     Week 12 (2 hours): Mock branding projects to apply knowledge.


Weeks 13-15: Fashion Design and Clothing Line

•     Week 13 (2 hours): Creating graphics for clothing design.

•     Week 14 (2 hours): Basics of fabrics and their impact on design.

•     Week 15 (2 hours): Introduction to fashion sketching and final project.

       Design your own clothing line.

Wright House of Fashion offers students the opportunity to learn the methods behind branding and screen printing. Creator Andre Wright will lead the workshop, which will consist of dialogue highlighting why screen printing remains one of the most cost-effective, versatile, and reliable ways to do T-shirt printing while sharing parts of his story.