Wright House is a non-profit organization that inspires and engages youth in collaborative partnerships with the fashion design community. We create opportunities for youth to build their skills in leadership, teamwork, and citizenship through creative expression.



Fostering Inclusivity

WHF creates an inclusive and welcoming environment where individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences feel valued and supported. This inclusivity promotes diversity, which is crucial for a richer, more well- rounded educational experience.

Breaking Down Barriers

We take pride in being a community dedicated to diversity and creativity that is helping to break down social, economic, and systemic barriers. By offering our access, it levels the playing field and allows individuals to overcome obstacles that may have held them back in the past.

Social Responsibility

Building a diverse art educational community is an essential step in addressing social and equity issues. It reflects our commitment to social responsibility by actively working to mitigate disparities and ensure equal opportunities for all.

Innovation & Creativity

We feel diversity leads to increased creativity and innovation. When people from different backgrounds come together, they bring fresh ideas, viewpoints, and approaches to problem-solving, which can lead to groundbreaking discoveries and creative works.

Unlocking Hidden Potential

We do this by providing a supportive community, where our students can unlock their potential and contribute their unique perspectives and skills to the creative field.


This book is the visual embodiment of the Iowa City fashion ecosystem over the past 10 years — models, designers, photographers, and organizers who helped Iowa City carve out a place in the fashion scene. With the Wright House, we hope to empower the next generation of designers, thinkers, thought-provoking, cast-outs, creatives, free spirits, and artists.  



15 Weeks | 3.0 U of I Credits

COMING MAY. We are making school cool. Offering classes in Graphic Design, Advanced Branding, and Fashion Design.  There will be games and time to hang out with friends you will be surrounded by everything you need to build a brand and design a movement.

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Future Minds: Empowering Youth through AI Education

8 weeks
Wednesdays June 12th - July 31st 2PM - 3:30PM

Discover the transformative power of artificial intelligence with Future Minds.
INSTRUCTOR: Robert Schafbuch

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Fashion Technology

One week
Thursdays June 17th - 28th
2PM - 3:30PM

Using CLO3d for Digital Fashion Design and Patterning Creating Environments in Unreal Engine. Fashion and Costume Design.
INSTRUCTOR: Kaelen Novak

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Merchandise Design with Record Label

10 weeks
Tuesday Fall of 2024

Work with a record label to develop merchandise collections for various musicians.
INSTRUCTOR: Andre Wright

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