Youth Course
15 Weeks | 3.0 U of I Credits

COMING IN FALL 2024. We are making school cool. Offering classes in Graphic Design, Advanced Branding, and Fashion Design.  There will be games and time to hang out with friends you will be surrounded by everything you need to build a brand and create a movement.



Youth Courses

Graphic Design 101

5 Weeks    February
Weds. & Thurs.    5:30pm - 8:00pm

This course is designed for beginners, emphasizing fundamental skills like mouse navigation and software proficiency. It's an ideal starting point for those new to the field. Projects are tailored to be beginner-friendly, ensuring a smooth introduction.

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Fashion Technology

5 Weeks    March - April
Weds. & Thurs.    5:30pm - 8:00pm

Learn how to create patterns and work with textiles. Gain hands-on experience, from mastering a sewing machine to navigating virtual fashion platforms like CLO3D. Explore our new quilting lab and seize the opportunity to craft your own fashion line, culminating in a spectacular fashion show.

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5 Weeks    April - May
Weds. & Thurs.    5:30pm - 8:00pm

Perfect for individuals and organizations with existing brands. We offer advanced techniques to maximize your brand's potential. Learn from industry experts and gain practical experience in traction, production, social media management, scalable business planning, and strategic design.

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Work completed by Night School Students for
Warner Music artist Grandson.


All Ages

Magical Indigo Dye

$ 0.00 
2 Weeks
Monday & Friday
June 17th - June 28th

Try basic tie-dye and other fun clamping techniques. NUMBER of students: 10 NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Astrid Bennett

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Future Minds: Empowering Youth through AI Education

$ 0.00 
8 weeks
June 12th - July 31st
2PM - 3:30PM

Discover the transformative power of artificial intelligence with Future Minds. NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Robert Schafbuch

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Fashion Technology

$ 0.00 
One week
June 17th - 28th
2PM - 3:30PM

Using CLO3d for Digital Fashion Design and Patterning Creating Environments in Unreal Engine. Fashion and Costume Design. NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Kaelen novak

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Merchandise Design with Record Label

$ 0.00 
10 weeks
June 12th

Work with a record label to develop merchandise collections for various musicians. NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Andre Wright

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Introduction to Code

$ 0.00 
One session
August 2nd
9am - 3pm

We’ll show what it looks like to be a software developer through a day-long immersive course for beginners that focuses on front-end web development technologies. NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: NEWBO CO

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Coder Dojo

$ 0.00 
6 week
July 18, July 25, Aug 1, Aug 8
1pm - 3pm

Sessions of free coding and STEM activities for K-5 students and their families in the Iowa City community. NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: NEWBO CO

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Screen Printing Workshop

$ 0.00 
One day
July 5th
3Pm - 5pm

Learn the basics of screen printing and learn how to make screens for design. NUMBER of students: 10 NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Andre Wright

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Night School

$ 500.00 
5 weeks
Tuesday and Thursday
Starting in May
3:30pm - 6:00pm

Wright House of Fashion offers students the opportunity to learn the methods behind branding and screen printing. Creator Andre Wright will lead the workshop, which will consist of dialogue highlighting why screen printing remains one of the most cost-effective, versatile, and reliable ways to do T-shirt printing while sharing parts of his story.

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